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Javier Orellana (Founder)
Executive in Computer Enginner of Universidad Tecnológica del Estado de Chile. He has 10 years of studies Computer-related and 8 years experience in Development and Administration of IT Projects. He has worked for major Businesses in Chile and abroad in freelance way.


  • Executive in Computer Engineer.
  • Diploma in Project Management of Information Technologies (PMI) 
  • Technical University in Computing Administration Graduate.
  • Technical Computer Applications Programmer.

Chief Executive Officer.

Pamela Ubeda (Partner)
Engineer in Business Administration of Instituto Profesional Diego Portales. She has 7 years experience in the administrative area & Commercial, also has a secondary degree in Computer Applications Programming.


  • Engineer in Business Administration.
  • Mastery of Integral English.
  • Technical Computer Applications Programmer

Cheif Financial Officer.